The Law of A Levels

Choosing A Levels is a tricky process at the best of times but if you are hoping to pursue a career as competitive as Law, it is vital that you have as much information as possible on taking the next step.

What type of qualification should you take?

Most Lawyers take purely A levels however Apprenticeships are growing increasingly popular as a route into the Law industry. 

Which A level subjects did the Lawyers at Paul Robinson take?

Law was definitely the subject most widely taken along with others such as English Language and Literature, History, Business Studies, Economics and Politics.

What A levels did the Lawyers at Paul Robinson think was most beneficial in their work?

Law is highly advised as, although you do not need it for a Law Degree, if you enjoy it at A Level, there is a good chance you will enjoy it at Degree Level. 

Generally, which A Level subjects are more highly regarded when applying for a Law Degree?

Academic, essay-based subjects are very useful to have if you are hoping to read Law at University. These subjects include: English Literature, English Language and Literature, History and Politics.

by Emily Whitehead

This article is created by a Paul Robinson Solicitors LLP “Brand Ambassador” who are students and unqualified. The article provides their views on the topic and does not necessarily deal with every important topic or cover every aspect of the topics with which it deals. It is not designed to provide legal or other advice and nor does it necessarily reflect the views of this firm.