Looking after children if you divorce or separate

In any separation, whether you are married or not, the well being of your children will no doubt be your paramount concern. Trying to keep life as normal as possible so as to minimise distress and upset, whilst also trying to make arrangements for them to be spend time with both parents is a difficult balance to achieve. With our assistance, this can be made easier.

We are often asked what is expected of parents on separation and what needs to be done to formalise the arrangements for the children. The short answer, is as far as possible, you should make arrangements between yourselves. You, as parents, are best placed to understand your children’s needs and work out an arrangement which best protects their well being going forward and cements their relationship with both parents. If you are able to agree arrangements directly, then there is no need to formalise the arrangements or involve anyone else.

However, we understand that often the “ideal world” solution is just not achievable in reality, and particularly in the initial period following separation. As such, we can assist in helping you agree the arrangements for the children to ensure that any unnecessary conflict or confrontation is avoided. We can draw up a Parenting Agreement to set out the arrangements for the children. This will provide you with certainty and most importantly it will provide the children with the routine and stability they need. A well managed routine and pattern of contact can make all the difference during what is a very difficult and unsettling time.

The Family Lawyers at Paul Robinson Solicitors have a great deal of experience in dealing with all aspects of separation and child care arrangements. They are a skilled team of experts who will take the time to listen to you, identify your priorities and achieve the outcome which is best for you and your children.  

Paul Robinson Solicitors offer an initial 1 hour consultation at no cost to you so get in touch with our offices today on 01702 338338 to make an appointment with one of our experts to ensure your children are protected going forward.