Social media and help with your divorce.

As divorce rates go up, social media seems to impact on every aspect of life and it is now a factor in an increasing number of divorces. Research has suggested that one in seven married individuals have considered divorce because of their spouse’s social media postings. It is now common for spouses to spend hours trawling through the others social media accounts in the hope of discovering what their spouse has been up to and who they have been spending time with. Nearly one in five married couples say that have daily rows because of social media.

When worst happens, please don't panic - we will help with your divorce case. We have helped many clients where social media sites have been a factor in the breakdown of a marriage and with 1.71 billion users a month logging into Facebook and 313 million users a month logging into Twitter we can see why this affects so many lives.

The Family Lawyers at Paul Robinson Solicitors have a mass of experience in dealing with all aspects of family breakdown, ensuring you get the best possible outcome. They are a skilled team of experts who will take the time to listen to you, identify your priorities and achieve the outcome which is best for you.   

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