Special Guardianship Orders

CoramBAAF ( Adoption and Fostering Academy) has expressed a concern about the implementation of Special Guardianship Orders which they consider are too often made without sufficient background checks.

If you have a child living with you on a long term basis, such as a grandchild, or a child you are not related to, you may be in a position to apply for a Special Guardianship Order.

This will mean that the Local Authority will be put on notice of your intention to apply for a Special Guardianship Order, and a thorough report needs to be undertaken by the Local Authority prior to the Order being granted.

The Special Guardianship Order can be a very complicated process and should you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact our Miss Annette Lowen, with the initial appointment of up to one hour being free of charge.  During this time she will discuss with you the best way forward for you and the child in your care.

alowen@paulrobinson.co.uk   01702 338338