From the 14th July 2021 the Offensive Weapons Act 2019 amended the laws surrounding weapons.  This brings in tough measures to strengthen law enforcements response to the increase in violent crime. Previously, dangerous weapons could be safely kept in a private place, which is somewhere that is other than a public place, a school or other education locations or a prison.  This means that you can no longer even own these items and have them in your home.

Under S141 of this Act, it is now illegal to obtain or possess even in private any dangerous weapons listed in the Criminal Justice Act 1988  (offensive weapons ) Order. These can include Knuckledusters, Flick knives, curved swords, butterfly knives, shuriken and any knives with a blade longer than 50cm unless it falls within one of the following categories:

  • The knife was hand forged in a traditional way
  • At least 100 years of age
  • A samurai sword made before 1954.

This list is NOT exhaustive and there are many other items that are now illegal to own or possess, that could have previously been bought and kept in a private place. Many Zombie knives will also fall into this category.

Later in the year the legislation will continue to adapt, providing new provisions surrounding the sale and purchase of online goods. These will include verification of age (over 18) and prevention of bladed items being delivered to lockers or pick-up points. Furthermore, the items being delivered will be visibly noted that they are bladed articles and delivery companies will require proof of age.

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