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Alternative Dispute Resolution

We are keen to resolve disputes in the most practical and cost effective way for clients. At the outset of each case, we will consider if it is possible that a form of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) may be used to try to resolve the dispute. Even where Court proceedings have been issued, it may still be possible to utilise ADR to bring a swift conclusion to the proceedings, if the parties are willing to participate.

We have extensive experience in advising and representing parties at Mediation where it may be possible for the parties to reach solutions which  a Court would not be able to consider. We are also experienced in and are able to assist parties in the other forms of ADR, such as Adjudication, Arbitration and Expert Determinations. A key benefit of Mediation and the other forms of ADR is that by participating in such processes, the parties are more likely to preserve a relationship and to resolve a dispute more swiftly than incurring the costs, time and expense of litigation.

We will consider ADR with you when we first discuss your case, when we will provide further information concerning the process and consider whether it is a viable option for you.

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