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                                                                                      In 1983 Paul Robinson started the firm then known as Paul
                                                                                      Robinson & Co. at the Old Bank Westcliff-on-Sea Essex,
                                                                                      with a personal assistant, an articled clerk, two secretaries
                                                                                      and an accounts manager. The firm subsequently acquired
                                                                                      the adjacent premises and then properties in the immediate
                                                                                      vicinity to the original bank building at 487, 498, 502 and
                                                                                      512-514 London Road and the firm has grown to its present
                                                                                      size in the intervening period, along the way changing its
                                                                                      name to Paul Robinson Solicitors and then becoming an
                                                                                      LLP. It recently acquired a further building in Westcliff,
                                                                                      namely the historic former Lloyds bank building at 447
                                                                                      London Road.

                                                                                      The firm also opened in Billericay in 2011 and was at one time
                                                                                      operating from several premises. The firm was consolidated
                                                                                      into the whole of Regis House, High Street, Billericay, on the
                                                                                      acquisition of this landmark building.

                                                                                      In 2017 the firm also opened an office at Benfleet as part of
                                                                                      its continued expansion.

                                                                                      Paul Robinson Solicitors LLP is now a leading regional
                                                                                      independent law firm. We set out in this brochure some
                                                                                      information on its history, the services it provides, it’ s staff,
                                                                                      ethos and work and support within the community.

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