In the National press at the weekend, a Family Judge had highlighted that the Courts are being overwhelmed with parents making unnecessary Child Arrangement applications to the Court, to assist in micro-managing the other parent’s time with their child or children.

Examples for such applications included:

  • one Judge having to make a judgement as to which junction of the M4 should be used for the handover of a child;
  • how contact should be arranged on a Sunday afternoon; and
  • which parent should hold the child’s passport.

Whilst we acknowledge that there are extremely important issues that do require assistance from professionals to help resolve, we are also aware that when you are emotionally involved, matters can easily become entrenched and blown out of proportion. Good, early advice can greatly assist in those cases.

We offer a fixed fee initial appointment of up to an hour, currently undertaken remotely by telephone, followed by a written note of the issues discussed, which can help you find the best solution for your child or children. If you would like to have some strong, straightforward advice, please contact Miss Annette Lowen of the Children Department via email at: [email protected] or call on  01702 662963 / 020 35537115 01277 889193  01268 855679

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