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Estate Administration

Dealing with a deceased person's affairs can be daunting and often takes a long time if you are unfamiliar with procedures. We have a specialist department which offers a professional, friendly and efficient service. Where possible, we aim to wind-up estates within three months. 

We act on behalf of executors or the next of kin where no will has been left. We can deal with all aspects of the estate, if required. The service could include notifying all utility services, handling the sale of property or shares and arranging house clearance, as well as collecting in the assets, settling the liabilities and payment to the beneficiaries. 

We also deal with the calculation of inheritance tax, the tax return and payment to HMRC. Under certain circumstances, a will can be varied by Deed of Variation to minimise the tax liability on an estate. Our specialists will handle the legal formalities involved and liaise with HMRC on your behalf.

Our Litigation Department has extensive experience in contentious probate and offers sympathetic advice and support to guide you through this difficult and complex process. Whether you are challenging or defending the validity of a will or are considering a claim against the estate, we can help.

If you want to visit us to discuss your needs, you will find our offices on the main London Road, Southend on sea,  convenient for parking locally and public transport. We have a number of private ground floor meeting rooms where you can talk to us in confidence. If you are unable to get here, we can visit your home. 

If you would like to know more about any of the services, we would be happy to explain in more detail.

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