The Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), has issued updated guidance in relation to provision of EWS1 forms, for mortgage lenders. Whilst the guidance does not take effect until 5 April 2021, early adoption is being encouraged by the RICS, in order to ensure that some of those individuals prejudiced by current mortgage conditions in relation to EWS1 forms are able to re-mortgage or indeed sell their properties.

The updated guidance specifically confirms that:

  1. For properties over six stories an EWS1 is required where there is cladding or curtain wall glazing on the building; or there are balconies which sit vertically above each other.
  2. Where a property is five or six stories, an EWS1 is required where there is a “significant amount” of cladding on the building, there are Aluminium Composite Material (ACM)/Metal Composite Materials(MCM) or High-Pressure Laminate(HPL) panels on the building, or there are balconies that stack vertically above each other.
  3. Where the properties are four stories or fewer, an EWS1 form should be required only if there are ACM, MCM, or HPL panels on the building.

Whilst this is only guidance, and there is no obligation on mortgage companies to accept these conditions, it is hoped very much the mortgage companies will impose these conditions, in order to ensure that the current crisis which has arisen, is not perpetuated.

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