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There might be an accident at work and you find yourself caught up with an investigation.  That accident may even prove fatal, and your company becomes the target of an investigation by the Health and Safety Executive.  As an employer, the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974 imposes obligations on you.  If an Inspector issues a notice, you might find yourself at risk of prosecution.  Even if you’ve taken steps to resolve things, it might be too late.

We understand that any investigation is serious for you, your business and the key staff within it. Penalties on conviction can include fines and even imprisonment, as well as the associated damage to the reputation of the business. Our specialist defence team at Paul Robinson Solicitors LLP can provide you with advice and representation should you be required to provide information to the HSE or be required to attend an interview under Caution. 
If prosecution cannot be avoided Paul Robinson Solicitors LLP will represent you in the Magistrates and Crown Court and help you prepare your defence case fully to achieve the best possible result.

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