With the Covid-19 pandemic restrictions still with us, even if they are changing in England, holiday arrangements for children may prove to be more difficult to sort out than usual.

Matters to consider:

  • The destination of the holiday and whether restrictions will be in place for the journey itself, at the destination, and more importantly what will be in place when you return to England, for example, that all those travelling will need to isolate for a period of up to 10 days.
  • If a child is involved who normally lives with the other parent, this will then affect when they can return to the other parent.
  • Equally, if you are a parent that normally lives with the child, then this may prevent them spending time with the other parent.
  • If a ‘Live With’ Child Arrangements Order is in place, then the person the child lives with does not need to seek the other parent’s consent to take the child abroad.
  • However, if the holiday time and subsequent isolation period were to impact on the Child Arrangements Order schedule, i.e. when the child should be seeing the other parent, then discussions need to be had prior to the holiday taking place.

Should you wish for any further information or to discuss Child Arrangement Orders or any other children matter, please do not hesitate to contact our Children Department for an initial appointment.

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