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Boundary disputes can take various forms depending on the nature of the disagreement and the characteristics of the properties involved. These disputes can often lead to significant tension and sometimes extremely costly legal battles. Research conducted by a strategic insight agency during mid-April 2022 for Churchill Home Insurance reported that 11 million people in the UK had been involved with a boundary dispute with their neighbour. Likewise, by a Which? report conducted in 2018, boundary disputes were identifies as one of the top three causes of neighbour conflicts.

Some examples of boundary disputes are:

  • Fence and Boundary Marker Disputes: these disputes involve disagreements over the placement, maintenance, or ownership of fences and other boundary markers like hedges and walls.
  • Shared Driveways: disputes over shared driveways can occur, especially when one neighbour believes they have more rights than the other. Clear communication and legal agreements about the use and maintenance of the driveway are crucial.
  • Encroaching Trees or Hedges: when trees or hedges grow over a boundary line, neighbours might disagree on who is responsible for trimming them. Establishing maintenance responsibilities and obtaining permission before significant pruning can prevent disputes.
  • Subdivision Disputes: when land is subdivided, disputes can arise over the accuracy of the new boundary lines drawn.
  • Water Boundary Disputes: these involve boundaries defined by natural watercourses, which can change over time, leading to disputes about property lines.

How can we help you today?

Key Services for Boundary Disputes

  1. Reviewing title documents, plans and historic documents to determine the legal boundary.
  2. Advising you on potential strategies for resolving the dispute, whether through negotiation, mediation, or legal action.
  3. Liaising with your neighbour to negotiate a resolution.
  4. Engaging a surveyor to conduct a detailed boundary survey.
  5. Drafting boundary agreements that can be registered with the Land Registry to avert future disputes.
  6. Issuing Court proceedings.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a boundary dispute?

A boundary dispute is a disagreement or conflict that arises between two or more parties over the location or ownership of a property boundary.

What are the common causes of boundary disputes?

Common causes of boundary disputes include lack of clear and accurate property boundaries, mistakes or inaccuracies in land surveys, disputes over the use or maintenance of shared boundaries, and disputes over access to or use of a property.

How can boundary disputes be resolved?

Boundary disputes can be resolved through a variety of methods, including negotiation, mediation, arbitration, or through legal action in court.

What is the role of a property surveyor in a boundary dispute?

A property surveyor can assist in resolving boundary disputes by providing expert advice on the location and ownership of property boundaries, and by conducting land surveys to establish the accurate boundary lines.

What is an easement in a boundary dispute?

An easement is a legal right that allows one party to use another party’s property for a specific purpose, such as access to a shared driveway or the use of a shared water source. Easements can be a source of boundary disputes if the rights and responsibilities of the parties are not clearly defined or understood.

What are the potential consequences of losing a boundary dispute?

The potential consequences of losing a boundary dispute include the loss of property or land, the payment of damages, and the payment of legal fees. In some cases, a losing party may also be subject to an injunction or forced to comply with specific court orders related to the use or maintenance of the disputed boundary.

Why should I hire a solicitor for my boundary dispute?

Hiring a solicitor for your boundary dispute can help ensure that your rights are protected and that you achieve the best possible outcome. Our solicitors have extensive experience in handling boundary disputes and can guide you through the legal process.

Why Choose us?

Specialized knowledge: Our solicitors have expert knowledge on boundary and neighbour disputes, bringing a deep understanding of the legal and practical issues involved.

Customized Solutions: Every boundary issue is unique. We provide tailored legal advice solutions that address your specific situation and objectives, ensuring personalized and effective representation.

Strong Representation: Whether negotiating a settlement or advocating in court, our solicitors are dedicated to achieving the best possible outcomes for our clients. We are committed to protecting your property rights vigorously.

Client-centered Approach: We prioritize clear communication and client satisfaction, keeping you informed and involved throughout the legal process. Your needs and goals are our top priority.

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