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Children Proceedings

Representation within Children Proceedings

The Government has now abolished legal aid for children cases, except in certain circumstances:

  • The case involves allegations of domestic abuse – supported by specific documentary evidence.
  • The case involves allegations of child abuse.
  • The Local Authority has issued proceedings to take children into Care or for a Supervision Order.

As a result, many people facing legal proceedings in relation to arrangements for children are now faced with the prospect of either instructing Solicitors on a private fee paying basis, or are facing the dilemma of having to represent themselves, which can be very challenging, particularly at such an emotional time.

Some people may feel confident to conduct the case themselves, drafting their own court application and court documents and engaging in correspondence with the other person, or their Solicitors. However, it often proves very daunting to actually have to attend Court alone, especially when the other person has legal representation.

This is where we can help.

How can we help you today?

We can offer you an Advocacy service which will include:

  • A fixed fee one hour consultation with you before the date of the Court hearing, to discuss matters with you and to look at your documentation.
  • We will attend Court with you and represent you at the hearing, as your Advocate.
  • We will also provide you with a written letter explaining the outcome of the hearing and what steps you will subsequently need to take.
  • We will discuss the fee with you prior to the hearing, which will depend on the length of the hearing, and where this is likely to take place. You will know in advance what the cost will be.

Within our team we have our specialist children lawyer, who was a Law Society Children Panel Member for 11 years, has been employed by this firm for 17 years and has wide-ranging experience in dealing with all aspects of child related proceedings. Her knowledge of Children Law is exceptional, as are her skills in negotiation and advocacy, (having historically dealt with extremely complex cases, which have regularly included final contested hearings).

Our Team are here to support you, providing sound and solid advice, and we will utilise our wide ranging skills and experience to the very best of our ability, to ensure the most successful outcome for you, whilst remaining child focused throughout.


What is court representation in children proceedings?

Court representation in children proceedings refers to the legal representation of a party in a case involving the welfare and custody of a child. This can include representation for parents, grandparents, and other family members, as well as representation for children themselves.

Why is court representation important in children proceedings?

Court representation is important in children proceedings because it can help ensure that the rights and interests of the child and the parties involved are protected. An attorney can provide legal advice, advocate on behalf of the client, and present evidence in court.

What are the different types of court representation available in children proceedings?

The different types of court representation available in children proceedings can include representation by a solicitor, representation by a barrister, and representation by a McKenzie friend (a layperson who can provide support and assistance in court).

How do I choose a court representative in children proceedings?

When choosing a court representative in children proceedings, it is important to consider factors such as the attorney’s experience and qualifications, their track record in similar cases, and their availability and responsiveness. It is also important to find someone you feel comfortable communicating with and who you trust to represent you and your interests.

an legal aid be provided for court representation in children proceedings?

Legal aid may be available for court representation in children proceedings, depending on the jurisdiction and the individual’s financial circumstances.

Can a court representative be appointed for a child in children proceedings?

Yes, a court representative, such as a Guardian ad Litem, can be appointed for a child in children proceedings to represent the child’s best interests and to make sure their voices are heard in court.

What happens if a party does not have court representation in children proceedings?

If a party does not have court representation in children proceedings, they may be at a disadvantage in terms of legal knowledge and advocacy skills. They may also have difficulty presenting evidence and making arguments in court. It is advisable to have a court representation, in order to protect your rights and interests.


“I have dealt with Paul Robinson since 2016 for two of my matters. Each time they have been professional, honest and always on hand when I needed them. I wouldn’t choose anyone else to deal with and admire their compassion and human approach with their clients.”



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