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The sooner you have someone to talk to, the better it will be for you. Just make that call. Getting the right independent advice now could make a crucial difference to the outcome of your case. Your defence starts here.

Whatever the difficulties you may be in, talk to someone on your side to assist with your criminal case.

If you are worried that you may get arrested or are under investigation or suspicion, Paul Robinson Solicitors offers a friendly, professional and non-judgmental approach to all their clients at a critical and traumatic time.

Paul Robinson Solicitors has wide, comprehensive and successful experience in criminal offences ranging from speeding to murder, assisting at every stage of the entire process; from initial investigation or suspicion, through to arrest and court proceedings, appeals and judicial reviews.

In many cases it may be possible to resolve cases at the investigation stage without going to Court. Your case may be dropped or you may just be given a caution and released. We will always obtain all the necessary information from the police in order to be well-informed to advise you of the best way to proceed.

How can we help you today?

It may cost you nothing to use us but a lot if you don’t.

Should you be charged, we can help you apply for Legal Aid, when appropriate. If you don’t qualify, Paul Robinson Solicitors offer very good value and, should you be found Not Guilty, can assist in claiming your costs back. Paul Robinson Solicitors are here for you regardless of your circumstances.

Should matters proceed beyond the investigation stage, we do our utmost to ensure that you deal with the same solicitor on the team throughout proceedings for your reassurance and continuity.

24/7 FREE Emergency Advice & Assistance!

Anyone who finds themselves under arrest has the right to independent, legal advice on Criminal Defence Law at the Police Station. Ours is FREE and available 24/7 365 days a year.

That is our commitment to you- all you have to do is call: 01702 342525

The following list is anything but exhaustive. It would otherwise be far too long. If you’re at all concerned, ask.

Call us now and ask for the Criminal Team. We’re on your side!


“Amongst the many worries this situation brings it has been good to have the confidence and belief in someone representing my son and I am eternally grateful.”


“Thank you for sending such a lovely representative this evening. The lady was exceptionally helpful and put my mind at ease through my first visit to a police station.”


“I can’t express how grateful I am for all that you have done. The relief from the months of worry is huge and this is the best result we could have wished for.”

Mr K


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Paul Robinson Solicitors is a thriving independent law firm committed to providing exceptional service to clients nationwide, with offices situated throughout London and Essex.

Established in 1983, the firm has steadily expanded over the past 35 years, offering an extensive range of legal services to both personal and commercial clients. The team of highly experienced and skilled solicitors specialises in various fields and is dedicated to providing an outstanding level of service to achieve positive outcomes for their clients. The firm’s cutting-edge technology and efficient systems, together with its support and managerial staff, ensure maximum efficiency, accuracy, and cost-effectiveness.


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