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Domestic Violence And Abuse

The Government has recognised that domestic violence can extend beyond acts of physical violence and include emotional or other psychological abuse, harassment or controlling behaviour. As practitioners, we are skilled to advise you on the remedies that are available to you, guiding you through them cost efficiently. We are also experienced in pursuing formal applications, particularly where there is an on-going risk of harm and use careful judgement to advise on circumstances when the Court’s emergency powers can be invoked.

We work closely with other organisations including the Police and service agents, so that we can secure the best outcomes and – when required – on an urgent basis.

If you have experienced domestic violence or are at risk of harm, then contact us for urgent advice as soon as possible. We recognise the harmful impact that domestic violence – in whatever form – has on its victims. We will prioritise meeting with you urgently and at any of our offices so that we are able to advise you and if instructed, to secure the necessary protective measures as soon as possible.

We can also offer advice and support if you have been accused of domestic violence and proceedings have been issued against you. Where appropriate, we will work in unison with our criminal department, to ensure that you receive the best representation whether proceedings continue in the Family or Criminal Court and where appropriate, to advise on the impact of those allegations and the resolution of them on arrangements with your children.

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What is domestic violence?

Domestic violence refers to a pattern of abusive behaviour used by one person in an intimate relationship to gain power and control over the other person. This can include physical, emotional, sexual, and financial abuse.

How can I get help for domestic violence?

Help for domestic violence can be found through various organisations such as shelters, hotlines, and counselling services. You can also reach out to the police, a lawyer, or a trusted friend or family member for support.

What are the signs of domestic violence?

The signs of domestic violence can include physical injuries, fear, isolation, controlling behaviour, and threats of harm.

What should I do if I am experiencing domestic violence?

If you are experiencing domestic violence, it is important to reach out for help as soon as possible. This can include contacting a hotline or shelter, reaching out to a lawyer or trusted friend or family member, or contacting the police.

What are the legal options available to me if I am experiencing domestic violence?

Legal options available to individuals experiencing domestic violence can include obtaining a restraining order, filing for a divorce or separation, and pursuing criminal charges against the abuser.

Are there any support services available for children who have been exposed to domestic violence?

Yes, there are support services available for children who have been exposed to domestic violence, such as counselling, support groups, and therapy.

What happens if I file a restraining order against my abuser?

If you file a restraining order against your abuser, the court will hold a hearing to determine whether to grant the order. If the order is granted, it can require the abuser to stay away from you and your children, and may include other restrictions such as not being able to contact you or possess firearms. It’s important to be aware that a restraining order is a court order, and any violation of it can result in legal consequences.


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