Fraud cases of varying types can be highly complex and can often require specialist expertise.  Advice in relation to these offences should be sought at the earliest opportunity. We deal with a variety of fraud offences ranging from the basic to more complex and serious cases.  These include eBay fraud, bank and cheque fraud, and insurance fraud right through to commercial and multi-million pound fraud.We have a wealth of experience in dealing with this area of law and can provide clear and concise advice and assistance both at the Police Station and also at the Magistrates and Crown Court.

Money Laundering & Proceeds of Crime

This is a very complex and specialised area of law and expert advice should always be sought.

The proceeds of crime are the profits from criminal conduct. It can be money made from drug dealing, fraud, burglaries and a number of other offences.

One of the purposes of the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 (POCA) is to recover monies illegally earned by those involved in criminal lifestyles. This can be from a few hundred pounds to millions of pounds in a large scale criminal enterprise.

The police and prosecution use specialist financial investigators who can gain access to a huge amount of information relating to a persons finances; ranging from bank accounts to properties owned at home and abroad.
Since they have specialists on their side, anyone facing these proceedings should have specialists on their side too.
If you are currently subject to investigation under POCA please call either our Westcliff or Billericay office, and speak to one of our solicitors. We have a wealth of experience in representing client’s interests in these proceedings.

How can we help you today?

Tax/Public Revenue/VAT

Had trouble with your tax return and been asked for an interview with HMRC?  Is your VAT in question and you’re being accused of fraud?
The HMRC may be trying to establishing that you have claimed too much or reclaimed to little.  Perhaps saying there are false invoices? Paul Robinson Solicitors can assist you from an early stage on these matters.
We have access to dedicated advocates who can help advise you clearly and coherently. Quite often there are Proceeds of Crime proceedings that follow from the initial prosecution and our team will be there to help you all the way.

Benefit Fraud

Have you been contacted by the Job Centre, Benefits Agency or Council and asked to attend for an interview under caution? If so, we can assist.

You are entitled to independent legal advice and representation during the interview to preserve and protect your legal rights.  This includes investigations into:

  • Council Tax
  • Housing Benefit
  • Claims for Income Support and Job Seekers Allowance
  • Investigation in to undeclared capital
  • Failing to notify of a change in circumstances – Including whether a partner is living with you.

Should you require advice or assistance please do not hesitate to contact one of our dedicated Solicitors who will be happy to discuss this with you.

If you have been summonsed to attend court facing charges of Benefit Fraud relating to any of the above we are also on hand to assist.

We are able to assist you in making an application for Legal aid, this is a two part test – looking at both the interests of justice of your case and also your financial situation.  We will be happy to discuss this with you and advise you on whether you are likely to be eligible.

We understand that offences such as these can be very upsetting and distressing, we are here to offer a professional and caring service.

Trading Standards

We have a strong reputation acting on behalf of those facing an investigation by Trading Standards. Successfully defending those accused of breaches. From a business to parking enforcement, Paul Robinsons are an experienced team. We have access to specialist Counsel with strong successful reputations in dealing with these matters and we can let you know exactly where you stand.


“I received the best treatment and the head of the department Michelle Breindel defended me. The prosecution wanted to send my case to Crown court with a possible custodial sentence, but Michelle put it to them that it was only an unintentional breach. I just received a fine and it was dealt with in the magistrates that day.”

Mr M


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