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At Paul Robinson Solicitors, we are available to provide free and independent legal advice at the police station, 24 hours a day, 365 days per year.

We have a team of experienced solicitors and police station representatives, available at all times to advise you on all types of criminal offences, ranging from speeding, theft, drugs, sexual offences to murder.

We provide advice and representation at every stage of your case. We will guide you through this process from the start of the initial police investigation, to arrest or voluntary interview, through to representing clients who are charged and required to attend court.

We recognise that being arrested or invited to participate in a voluntary interview at the police station can come as shock and be extremely stressful.  We aim to make this process simpler for you and will ensure you are treated fairly and within your rights.

Paul Robinson Solicitors have a vast amount of experience in criminal defence matters and we will deal with your case in a confidential, non-judgmental and professional manner.

How can we help you today?

What to expect?

If you are arrested and taken to the police station, you have the right to free, independent legal advice and the right to speak to and consult with a solicitor privately at any time. You may speak with the duty solicitor or request a solicitor of your choosing.
Individuals commonly believe that asking for a solicitor will delay the time they are kept in custody, in fact it is quite the opposite. Once we are requested to represent a client in custody who has been arrested, we will chase the officer in your case and ensure that they are conducting their investigation quickly so that you are not detained for longer than is necessary.
Whether you attend voluntarily or are arrested, you can expected to be  interviewed under caution. This is an interview which will be recorded and questions will be asked about your suspected involvement in the offences concerned.
You do have a legal right to remain silent and say ‘no comment’, but sometimes you can be criticised for doing so. It is therefore important to get your interview right. Often individuals presume the investigation will not go anywhere or are innocent so have nothing to hide by being unrepresented. In thinking this, they believe they will not require legal advice. We would always advise against this because what is, or is not said during your interview, can be used against you, and often determines the outcome of your criminal case.

After your interview?

After your interview, the officer in your case will speak to his sergeant for a ‘local decision’ to be made if applicable, or your case will be submitted to the Crown Prosecution Service for a decision. A decision can sometimes be made instantly or sometimes within a few hours. Sometimes further enquiries need to be made so you will be released under investigation or on bail, with or without conditions to abide with until a later date.
If released on bail or under investigation, we will chase the officer in your case for an outcome. It is sometimes possible that a further interview may be required and if this is the case, the right to free and independent legal advice continues and we will be there to provide you with representation.
There are many potential outcomes following your interview, these include a charging decision, where you will be required to attend court, out of court disposals such as a caution or community resolution or no further action can be taken. Whatever the outcome, we will explain what this means for you, the next steps that are to be taken if required and continue to provide free legal advice at court for those eligible for legal aid.


“I received the best treatment and the head of the department Michelle Breindel defended me. The prosecution wanted to send my case to Crown court with a possible custodial sentence, but Michelle put it to them that it was only an unintentional breach. I just received a fine and it was dealt with in the magistrates that day.”

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