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August 2019

Property | 23 August 2019
Retail property market – do landlords and tenants need to listen to each other or is the customer king?
Property | 23 August 2019

It’s a seemingly broken record when hearing news about the high street and its rapid...

Who died first ?  When the date of death matters.
Private Client | 21 August 2019
Who died first ? When the date of death matters.
Private Client | 21 August 2019

The High Court heard a dispute between two step-sisters who asked the court to decide...

Building internals
Commercial | 19 August 2019
Commercial | 19 August 2019

Not sure of the difference? Or which option would better suit your requirements or situation...

commercial buildings
Commercial | 14 August 2019
The importance of commercial searches when purchasing land/property
Commercial | 14 August 2019

What are searches? Purchasers who are not obtaining finance to purchase a property are not...

Social media in legal cases
Litigation | 02 August 2019
Social media posts used as evidence- case law in Interpreting the words in social media posts
Litigation | 02 August 2019

In a recent Supreme Court decision earlier this year, Stocker –v- Stocker [2019] UKSC 17...

Landlord and Tenant
Litigation | 01 August 2019
Evicting Tenants - no fault tenancy evictions now allowed
Litigation | 01 August 2019

The government has now released its long awaited paper in relation to Section 21 of...

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