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| 01 February 2019

A Brand Ambassador's Opportunity

Every student will at some point think that it is near impossible for them to actually succeed in following their chosen career route. If you want to study a professional degree such as Law or Medicine, it can be a competitive process and the demand for work experience and volunteering has become intense.

For some students, life in sixth form can be stressful even without the stress of trying to find potential work experience.

I have been very fortunate enough to be offered the opportunity of Brand Ambassador for my school with Paul Robinson Solicitor, based in Southend, Billericay, Benfleet and Stratford. I am so thankful because I hope this will mean I can be offered a week’s worth of work experience/work shadowing at the end of the year. Like I said, there just isn’t enough work experience opportunities available for students, so I think myself very lucky. Firms that offer such roles and placements hopefully help students like me get on the path.

The Paul Robinson Brand Ambassador opportunity is available every year for a team of students from various secondary schools, sixth forms and universities, including my school (Southend High School for Girls,) SHSB, WHSG, WHSB and universities such as the University of Essex, University of Reading, University of Greenwich and University of Brighton.

The opportunity is enriching because it encourages you to really explore deeper into aspects of Law and my interest towards studying Law has only grown because of it, and I feel more experienced and ready to study Law at university.

As part of the opportunity, we were invited to write articles. One included researching and writing an article on the property law of haunted houses, with Halloween coming up at the end of that month. I am also preparing to organise events in school related to Law including the Law society and Law talks with solicitors from Paul Robinson for aspiring Law students to get an insight into the job.

In my view, Paul Robinson is truly incredible as a firm as they are open minded towards the younger generation, which as I have already expressed is something I think of great importance. Paul Robinson promote their firm whilst also aiming to give aspiring law students the best opportunities and information they need try and secure their place at University and allow students to show their enthusiasm and knowledge from their chosen areas of study.

This is why the Brand Ambassador’s scheme is so brilliant because it has the potential to reach out to so many students. Paul Robinson is massively helping the younger generations and our community, and hopefully future generations of budding law students will benefit like I have done.

Thank you Paul Robinsons!

This article is created by a Paul Robinson Solicitors LLP “Brand Ambassador” who are students and unqualified.  The article provides their views on the topic and does not necessarily deal with every important topic or cover every aspect of the topics with which it deals. It is not designed to provide legal or other advice and nor does it necessarily reflect the views of this firm.

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