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| 27 February 2018

Can you choose where you get divorced?

You may have heard that Princess Tessy of Luxembourg has recently started divorce proceedings against her husband, Prince Louis. Interestingly, the Princess decided to issue the proceedings in England. This is despite the fact that neither Princess Tessy nor Prince Louis are British citizens or that they did not get married here. You may ask how that is possible and why would she do that...

Often separating couples have “connections” to different countries and things that link them to individual countries. In England, if you can establish the right legal “connection” then you can divorce here.

In the above case, although Princess Tessy and Prince Louis are not British and did not marry here, Princess Tessy can issue divorce proceedings here as they both live here and have done so for some time. If you can establish that England is the place where you live, and have lived for some time, or that it is your permanent home, then you can start divorce proceedings here. This can be very helpful for lots of people and not just princesses. For example, if you and your spouse are Italian or Polish and you have lived here for a sufficient period of time, then you can divorce here; you do not have to return to Italy or Poland to get divorced. This could save you a lot of time and expense.

Sometimes, it can be possible to issue divorce proceedings here or in another country. If that is the case - and you want to issue divorce proceedings here - you need to act promptly as otherwise your spouse may issue in another country and this would prevent you from issuing proceedings here, and could have far reaching consequences. You should act quickly and secure urgent advice if you think you could find yourself in this situation.

The experts at Paul Robinson can guide you through the entire process of divorce in the UK or divorce procedure abroad. Paul Robinson Solicitors offer an initial fixed fee consultation so get in touch with our offices today on 01702 338338 or 01277 500123 to make an appointment with one of our experts.

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