Who is on your Children’s wish list? Plan for child arrangement over the festive period.

Yes, we know that it may seem that the children have only just returned to school after half term and that it may seem a bit early to start making your Christmas List!

However, particularly, with Covid -19 regulations in place, life may just seem that more difficult at the moment when it comes to making arrangements for children. There is provision for children to be able to move between parent’s properties, even during lockdown.

If you think that you may need some help to sort out child arrangement over the Christmas period with regard to who and how the children are going to spend their time with each of their parents, don’t leave it until the last minute.

We recognise that the Christmas period can be a very emotional time for children whose parents are no longer living together.

We have many years of experience in respect of offering sensible child arrangements over the Christmas period, however, unfortunately, very little can be done on Christmas Eve!

Therefore, if you do want some input and some suggestions, we offer telephone Fixed Fee initial consultation of up to one hour, so that you and your children can have some input, and look forward to a Merry Christmas.

Please contact our Ms Annette Lowen, our Child Law expert in The Children Department at Paul Robinson Solicitors LLP on 020 35537115 /  01702 662963 /  01277 889193 /  01268 855679 or email [email protected].

Child Arrangement Orders

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