Police Station Matters

We represent clients at the police station either under arrest or those who attend voluntarily. On some occasions the police can interview you at home if you are unable to attend the police station. This is often referred to as a contemporaneous interview.

Anyone interviewed by an officer is entitled to free independent legal advice.

On some occasions Police Station matters can either conclude with the person being charged with an offence and being sent to court for the matter to be resolved, bailed for further enquiries, released under investigation, being made subject to a caution or community resolution or with the police taking no further action.

If you are interviewed and the police decide to take no further action, your case concludes at that point. If you are bailed to return to the police station, the police will make enquiries in the meantime and then make a decision hopefully before the date that you are due to return. That bail date can be extended for a certain period of time before the police make a decision as to how to proceed. The police, however, can release you under investigation, meaning that you do not necessarily attend the police station again for interview while they make further enquiries into your case. The police will continue to make enquiries and then you may receive a summons or a postal requisition in the post requiring you to attend Court on a later date. Your case, however, could still end with no further action being taken by the police if you are released under investigation or bailed for further enquiries to be made.

If you are invited in for an interview or have already been interviewed and you are unsure of the procedure, or wish for representation when your return on bail or attend the police station, please contact us so that we can advise you further on the process and to see if we can assist you.

We are available 24/7 every day of the year to attend police station interviews and to assist you. Our emergency number if you require assistance out of normal office hours is 01702 662957 .

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