We live in a time where Protective Orders are more frequently being made in the Criminal Courts. They often relate to partners and ex partners and family members, and often affect an individual’s ability to have consistent time with their children.

At Paul Robinson Solicitors, we have a thriving Family department who are experienced with all applications that come before the Family Courts, issues that the Criminal Courts may not foresee in light of the fact that they only specialise in Criminal matters and issues arising within the Family Courts as a result of Orders made in the Criminal Court. We also have a Criminal department who deal with breaches of such Orders in the Magistrates and Crown Courts.

A Non-Molestation order can be made in the Family Court, a Restraining Order is the term used in the Criminal Court. Ultimately they come under the heading of Protective Orders in the Criminal Courts. A breach of these orders can see an individual arrested and interviewed at the police station. We offer free independent representation and advice at the police station and you have a right to choose your own solicitor. If charged with an offence of Breaching an order, you can be remanded to the next available Court date, or bailed with conditions.

We can represent you during the Criminal Proceedings and if you meet the Legal Aid Agency’s requirements, you may be eligible for Legal Aid. If not we will discuss fees with you. If convicted of breaching an Order you can be at risk of a lengthy custodial sentence for doing so. The Court can also impose further lengthy and stringent conditions.

If you think you have breached an Order or are currently under investigation for such an offence, please get in touch with us. We have offices throughout Essex and in London. Please call us on 01702 338338, 01277 500123 and 0208 0495888.

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