Solicitors In Canary Wharf

Paul Robinson Solicitors are one of the largest independent legal practices in the South East. With over thirty years of experience, we specialise in a wide range of private and business legal services.

For clients looking for solicitors in Canary Wharf, we are precisely what you need. Being one of the best legal services in the UK, we are very approachable for all matters, ranging from legal advice to personal matters. 

Canary Wharf’s Top Solicitors

Our solicitors offer legal services to businesses and individuals in the Canary Wharf area, these legal services include:

  1. Employment Law Services:

We offer employment law services to our clients in Canary Wharf; our employment solicitors provide you with legal advice on employment issues such as;

  • Redundancy and unfair dismissal
  • Team moves and non-compete provisions
  • Transferring employment from one employer to another under TUPE
  • Breach of contract and non-payment of bonuses and long term incentives
  • Settlement agreements
  • Workplace discrimination

Our solicitors also offer you advice on employment relationship as an employer or employee.

  1. Commercial Services

Our business solicitors are regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority and offer small and large scale businesses in Canary Wharf bespoke business legal advice. We handle your business as our business, giving you all the legal advice you need to stay on the side of the law guaranteeing the longevity of your business.

  1. Litigation Service

Our litigation team is well equipped to provide you with legal advice for resolving disputes. We save you the stress and cost of protracted litigation resolving your disputes out of court by Mediation or Alternative Dispute resolution before proceedings begin.

If you do have to go to court, our litigation lawyers are well trained, and we have the resources and system to fight your case for you.

  1. Property Services

We handle all property legal work on your behalf whether you’re buying a new home or investing in property. Our property services include:

  • Residential Property Services
  • Commercial Property Services
  • Real Estate Litigation
  1. Family Services

Family cases are very sensitive, which is why you need a great lawyer legal team, so you should hire Paul Robinson Solicitors for family cases.

  1. Criminal Defence Services

We are experienced in providing comprehensive legal backing for criminal offences from the initial investigation stage through appeal and judicial reviews.

  1. Motoring Offences

We offer our clients advice and representation on all motoring matters, including speeding, careless driving, DUIs, to mention a few.

  1. Private Client Services

We handle sensitive issues for our clients in a professional yet friendly manner. We help secure the assets of your family, creating trusts and reducing inheritance tax.

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