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In a legal struggle or shuffle, your success is dependent on the quality of your solicitors; a good solicitor increases your chances of a win. At Paul Robinson, we offer only the best and most qualified solicitors who are rigorously trained and possess all of the necessary qualifications. Our top notch lawyers are among the highest ranking in the Solicitor Qualifying Examination (SQE) UK.      

We offer solicitors specialised in; family, tax, litigation, property cases and more. Companies are continually seeking solicitors specialised in drafting contracts, therefore we have taken the initiative to employ highly experienced solicitors to offer the best legal advice and contracts to protect your company and assets.

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Our services in Hackney are not just limited to conglomerates and associations – we pride ourselves in individual and personal consultation.

At Paul Robinson, we understand the dynamic in a solicitor-client relationship and our highly courteous and relatable solicitors aim to build strong relationships with our clients, in order to aid understanding of your needs and serve you better. Irrespective of the area you might be needing a consultation in, Paul Robinson has you covered with our diversified range of solicitors in every field. 

Our foremost concern in every relationship is your privacy where you are assured of utmost lawyer-client confidentiality. We are proactive in prioritising the interests of our clients. We provide highly competent and experienced solicitors at an affordable price.

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