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Paul Robinson Solicitors is one of the largest independent law firms in the South East and our successful, friendly team aims to provide clients with the best outcome. With over thirty years of experience, we have staff dedicated to assisting you in all areas.

West Ham’s Top Solicitors & Law Firm

  • Property: We are concerned with how you and your family fair in a property that’s either yours or that of a landlord. We also provide you with advice on estate planning, professional trust services and general admission towards your property in West Ham.
  • Employment Law: We promote and protect your rights either as an employer or an employee. We have you covered on legal services ranging from unpaid prevailing wages on public projects down to discrimination and harassment. Everyone has rights and we are always here to make sure you understand yours. If you need legal action concerning your workplace, our team has got your back – we are advocates for workplace fairness.
  • Criminal Law: Our team have a strong records in jury trials. If you need a legal team to defend either you or your family or friend under any type of criminal offence under investigation in any part of West Ham them you have to us to rely on. We have the best legal team of solicitors to give you the justice you deserve. We handle all types of criminal charges in our firm. We believe you are entitled to a defence attorney no matter your budget and that is why we offer affordable services.
  • Family Law: Let us resolve that family issue for you, be it a divorce case or your custody of a child. We tend to all types of family cases even the most delicate ones. At Paul Robinson, we know how sensitive family cases can be and we make sure our clients get the kind of justice they deserve. We also give advice to our clients on matters relating to this.
  • Commercial Law: Our solicitors let you focus on making your business the best in West Ham while we handle all the legal parts of it. We offer high-quality legal advice to our clients and over the last 30 years, we have helped companies with the growth of their business and also through difficult periods.
  • Private Client: When it comes to private client services, we are concerned about you and your family. You don’t have to worry about your wealth and assets, we help take care of all that for you and are there every step of the way. No family feuds, no misunderstandings. We also help you deal with sensitive issues in a very supportive and caring manner.

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