You will have seen recently the media coverage in relation to young people and vulnerable adults being groomed to commit serious criminal offences, these are usually but not limited to selling drugs. Most but not all victims are usually from low income backgrounds or looked after children in care. Those committing the grooming make these children feel wanted, part of their gang and make these children believe they are considered to be like family. Unfortunately what they are doing is ensuring that should these children or vulnerable adults get caught, they will believe their loyalty will be rewarded and as such those responsible continue to roam free.

The Police accept this is happening and as a result, should there be a suspicion that the person has been groomed a referral can be made to the National Crime Agency. Should the outcome be a positive one, then it is accepted the person is a Victim of Modern Slavery, and the Crown Prosecution Service decide not to prosecute. Unfortunately sometimes the Crown Prosecution Service are still trying to prosecute these cases.

We at Paul Robinson have recently successfully submitted an Abuse of Process Argument to the Court who have stayed the proceedings. We have also worked hard to obtain positive referrals for other young people in other cases recently. We are committed to helping protect the young community and those who are vulnerable to ensure their lives are not tarnished by an unfair conviction preventing them from turning their lives around and blocking their future prospects.

We provide free and independent legal advice at the police station 24/7. It is imperative that these issues are raised sooner rather than later in order to provide the best possible outcome for the young person or vulnerable adult. We cover police stations in Essex and London and the surrounding areas. Our 24 hour emergency number is 01702 342525.