With the Christmas and holiday season in full swing, short term letting of residential property becomes a popular option as tourists come into London, while Londoners want to escape the city and utilise the opportunity to make a few extra pounds on the side by renting out their home.

Firstly, short term letting in London is defined as the letting of a residential property for a period of less than 90 nights of the year. The most popular platforms for short term lets are sites like Airbnb or Booking.com. For the purposes of this article we will focus on Airbnb for ease of reference.

As mentioned above, Airbnb is a great option for homeowners to make a little bit of extra money on the side but it is not always pleasant being the neighbour to an Airbnb rental.

Neighbours of Airbnb rentals often complain about noise disturbance, as a constant stream of tourists bump their luggage up and down the common stairwell, come and go at all hours, throw parties and overall are loudly enjoying their holiday without a care in the world or a concern for the neighbours.

So what can upset neighbours do about Airbnb rentals in their neighbourhood?

Despite the 90-night limit for short term letting in London, in May 2019 City Hall found 23% of Airbnb listings in London were in breach of the 90 nights. Furthermore the 90-night limit was only designed to mitigate the negative effects of Airbnb by reducing the supply of residential rentals. It was not designed to care for the upset neighbours. So, in theory, neighbours could have 90 nights during the year of noise disturbance.

What neighbours should rather focus on is the property title of the Airbnb property and the documents registered on the Airbnb property title such as leases and positive or restrictive covenants. These documents provide an underlying agreement for the registered owner of the property as to the use of the property. This may include whether the use of the property is for private or business use, and the right to use and enjoyment.

At Paul Robinson Solicitors LLP we can assist your neighbourly concerns by reviewing the Airbnb property title, leases, and planning permissions, and advise what your next steps are to a quieter neighbourhood.