E-scooters are really popular to get around on but they are being stolen so often due to their popularity and versatility. They make it quick to get around on and are so convenient. They are also a target for thieves. If you have one make sure it is security marked and locked up securely.

When buying them be aware that they can only be used on private property at the moment, unless they are a rental scooter which means following strict guidelines. There are more and more sites in the UK currently offering rental scooters and there are trials ongoing in a number of UK cities including London,  Basildon and other Essex cities. E-scooters must have motor insurance but this is something you would have to arrange with the provider of the E-scooter Rental Operator.  In relation to trialing these scooters they can be driven on the road except a motorway and in a cycle lane.  They cannot be used on the pavement.

If you own an E-scooter then you must not drive it on pavements or roads, parks or open spaces. It is illegal and you could face penalty points on your driving licence for no insurance and a heavy fine.  If you do not have a driving licence then you could also face prosecution for driving otherwise in accordance with a licence. The police can also seize your E-Scooter which is happening more and more.

If you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs while riding one, you could also be prosecuted for drink or drug driving. You could also be prosecuted for speeding, careless and inconsiderate driving and other traffic related offences. Until the Government legislation is changed you should not drive these on a public road or pavement. These penalties can have an enormous effect on your driving licence and future.  All electric scooters are classed as a motor vehicle under the Road Traffic Act.  E-scooters are classed as powered vehicles and as such fall under the term “mechanically propelled vehicle.”

Be aware of the requirements of owning an E-Scooter otherwise you may find it is a costly buy that you cannot use unless it is on private property.

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